Buenos Aires (1963)

Since 1988 lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He works as a photographer for 17 years, both in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, working for studies of César Casco, Jorge Vilariño and José Luis Perotta and various media such as week, weekly, 7 days Hair Magazine, Rock Magazine and pop, YES! (Young supplement Clarin), Boa form, Bizz, Gula, Interview, AZ and Playboy.

In 1985, performs coverage for Editora Abril's first Rock in Rio, covers festivals and tours in Argentina and Latin America, accompanying bands like Patricio Rey and Ricotta Redonditos, Fito Paez, Charlie Garcia, Spinetta, Sting, The Cure, Peter Gabriel, among others. Make Argentine album covers for bands like The Ship and Daniel Melero.

Desde 2000 trabaja como sub-editor de fotografía en la Revista Caras Brasil.